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Excited that New Cooler and Distribution Area are Almost Finished!

Good afternoon to all following along on this exciting renovation project!

Hurrah! Finally the  doors to our cooler have been added, a distribution office is being worked on, we're in the middle of hooking up refrigeration, and hopefully we are only weeks away from using this new facility!

To start off, we'll give you a peak of our new distribution office for shipping and receiving. We are so excited about having this space to organize the orders you want and get things to our customers efficiently and accurately.

The view below shows the distribution office looking out of the office door at the cooler door.

Next, we'll take you to the loading area. This is outside of the cooler where the trucks are loaded.

Now we'll step inside. The view below shows the exit door of the cooler straight ahead, which is where trucks will be loaded with our product.

To the left is the freezer door.



You are now looking at the cooler from the opposite direction. The door you see is the inlet door for product coming in.

The shot below shows the first condenser cooling unit that was hung in our new cooler. 

Aren't things looking nice!? Yea, we think so too. :) We are so excited about having this project so near the finish line. All for the purpose of continuing to provide our product efficiently, accurately, and the best that we can for our growing number of Stoltzfus Family Dairy fans!

  • Apr 28, 2022
  • Category: News
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