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Get Your Favorite Flavors of Cheese Curd for Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl weekend is coming up! And you know that you wouldn't want to go without your favorite flavors of fresh cheese curd from Stoltzfus Dairy!

Choose from our ten different flavors of cheese curd: Natural, Garlic, Dill & Garlic, Horseradish, Horseradish & Bacon, Jalapeno, Sour Cream & Onion, Tomato & Basil, Buffalo Hot Wing, and Smoked Bacon. And this week only-Buy 2 get 1 free!!

Our cheese curd makes an absolutely fresh and delicious snack for any time of the week, but especially for weekends like these! 

A quick reminder of our careful process for making only the best-tasting cheese curd you'll find: Our cheese curd making is done through a process of minimum pasteurization and also artisan ways of making cheese. We take our fresh milk, put it in the vat, and cook the cheese. Through steps of making, we achieve a fine, rich, juicy cheese curd for you to enjoy. We cook, we drain, stack, turn, restack, cut, salt, and stir, and then our fresh cheese curd is ready for you to enjoy!

But truly, you will never go wrong to grab a pack of your favorite cheese curds for a snack or for any other occasion!  And at Stoltzfus Family Dairy, we never cut corners. We always make it the BEST.

You can also try our Frozen Breaded Cheese Curds for Deep Frying. You simply heat oil in a pan to 375 degrees and then put the frozen breaded cheese curds in for 50 seconds. Then you take them out and place on a paper towel to drain and, cool. Now enjoy!

If you think our regular flavored cheese curds are delicious, this takes it to the next level yet! Hot from the fryer, the taste fills your mouth in a delicious sensation. 

We use nothing but our family farm's milk to produce the freshest cheese curds. 

Remember to stop by our Stoltzfus Family Dairy store this week to take advantage of our Buy 2 Get 1 Free Special! Or to find the store nearest you that sells our products, view our store locator. (But remember that this special only applies when you are at our Stoltzfus Dairy store)

Blessings on your week!


  • Feb 07, 2022
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