Located in the heart of Central New York, we offer locally produced, guaranteed fresh milk products at retail stores all over the region.

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Stoltzfus Dairy is focused on producing the highest quality Yogurt, Cheese Curds, and Creamline. Follow the links to the right to explore our products.

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We love great food, and what's better then making great food with our fantastic products? Here are some of our favorite recipes using our yogurts and cheeses.

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We're pretty busy most of the time, so we like to highlight what we are up to and what's going on locally.

  • Stoltzfus + Utica Coffee Roasting = Match Made in Coffee Heaven

    Do you wake up with Utica Coffee Roasting Company?  If you have never heard of them, Utica Coffee Roasting Company is a Coffee Shop located in Downtown Utica.  They offer various blends and flavors of coffee such as Adirondack Blend, New York Empire Blend, Birthday Cake Flavor, Cinnamon Cream and so many more. If you […]

  • 5 Surprising Facts About Yogurt and Your Health

    Have you been to a grocery store lately? The answer for most people to that questions is, “of course”. As you stroll down the dairy aisle at your local stores you have probably noticed a yogurt explosion, well not literally but it seems that yogurt products have taken over the dairy section. The reason…People are […]

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    Find Stolzfus Dairy on Pinterest! Follow us on Pinterest to find the best yogurt recipes, healthy snacks and dairy ideas ! We will be updating our Pinterest account with content just for you! Here you can learn about healthy yogurt snacks, ways to bake with yogurt and much more! Stoltzfus Family Dairy’s goal is to provide you with […]