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Stoltzfus Dairy is focused on producing the highest quality Yogurt, Cheese Curds, and Creamline. Follow the links to the right to explore our products.

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We love great food, and what's better then making great food with our fantastic products? Here are some of our favorite recipes using our yogurts and cheeses.

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We're pretty busy most of the time, so we like to highlight what we are up to and what's going on locally.

  • Celebrate Curds With These Poutine Recipes

    Winter is coming. The seasons are changing and snow is approaching, and as we hunker down for the winter and ring in the New Year it’s a perfect time to acknowledge the culinary skills of our neighbors to the North. The Canadians are great in the winter, they have a few passions as a culture […]

  • Pumpkin Pie Frozen Yogurt

    Do you hear that? It’s a crackling sound, like a needle running along a record before your favorite song starts to play. You can see your breath in the air as it rises and dissipates with every syllable and every exhalation as you walk outside. The warm glow of the autumn leaves is in beautiful […]

  • Holiday Gift Boxes Are Here!

    little girl holding yogurt in the snow

    The stress of figuring out what kind of gifts to get for your friends, family, boss, or mailperson can be a real pain. The holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year, as soon as the witch and vampire decorations are taken down the winter holiday season is upon us… even if it is 60 degrees outside. […]

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