Fundraise with Stoltzfus Family Dairy

Fundraising Done Right

  • Delicious snack products.

    Your customers will be eager to buy our all-natural, delicious food products. No need to sell something that you would never buy yourself.

  • Simplified sales process.

    We will create a custom sales flyer that will help you showcase what you are selling and easily keep track of your orders.                        

  • Discounted prices.

    You buy our products from us at an affordable price, allowing you to quickly make big profits.

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2. Sell products

With your prices established and your sales flyer created, put on your salesman hat and go sell products!

3. Place your order

After you have as many orders as you wish, tally up how much of each product you will need, and place your order with us!

4. Fulfill your orders

Now that you have all the product you need, distribute it to all the people who bought from you!