Our Story

Our Story 1

Stoltzfus Family Dairy started as a small family farm in central NY

Our Story 2

In 2010, a creamery was established, and the production of dairy products began

Our Story 3

As our distribution network grew, we began introducing products from other companies alongside our dairy product line

The Beginning

The Stoltzfus family moved up from Lancaster in 1990 and started farming in Central New York. Living a healthy, rural lifestyle was always a passion of the Stoltzfus family. Out of this passion, the family began selling farm goods to the surrounding community. This included produce, baked goods, and milk.


The Creamery

In the early 2000's, the family farm began being jeopardized by the fluctuating milk prices. Because of this, a creamery was added in 2010, and the Stoltzfus family began producing dairy products. As the dairy product line grew, so did the desire to continue producing healthy, nutritious foods that taste delicious. Out of this desire, the Stoltzfus family made the decision to do minimum processing on the milk for the dairy products. Because of this, a new yogurt recipe was developed in order to avoid using homogenized milk for yogurt production. The fruit filling for the yogurt was homemade, with real fruit, to avoid artificial flavors and preservatives.


Expanded Distribution

However, it’s not just dairy products that should be natural, healthy, and delicious. As our distribution network grew, we realized it would be beneficial to our valued customers if we partnered with other companies that shared our passion for high-quality, healthy, and delicious foods. This would allow our customers easy access to more high-quality foods beyond just dairy products. Out of this realization, we partnered with Stoltzfus Meats. Based in Lancaster, PA, Stoltzfus Meats shares our passion for high-quality, healthy, and delicious foods. They share our philosophy that food needs to be done right. We began our partnership by offering Stoltzfus Meats snack sticks alongside our dairy product lineup. This became a huge success, as our customers realized that Stoltzfus Meats products are produced with same passion for quality as Stoltzfus Family Dairy products.

Since then, we have continued to expand our product lineup, adding more Stoltzfus Meats products, as well as products from other brands. But we don’t just partner with any brand. We continue to be passionate about offering high-quality, naturally made products to our customers, as we have been since our humble beginnings as a small family farm. Because of this, we carefully choose our partnerships, only distributing products from companies who are as passionate as us about producing high-quality, naturally made products.


Our Future

While keeping our products natural was not always the easiest way, we strongly believe it is the best way to make high-quality and healthy products. To this day, our milk is minimally processed, with no homogenization or ultra-pasteurization. We continue to use the same homemade fruit recipe for our yogurt, and we are as passionate as ever about avoiding artificial flavors and preservatives. As we continue to expand our dairy product line, we strive to keep this passion in focus.

As we expand into the future, we hope that we can continue serving our customers with the same quality as we did from our beginning on the Stoltzfus family farm. We know that finding food products that you can trust is becoming harder and harder, and we want to provide trusted foods for years to come, while continuing to provide excellent customer service. While our business may continue expanding, we want to continue treating our customers as our neighbors and friends, as we have since our beginning on the family farm. This means always listening to our customers needs, and putting in our best effort to solve their problems. Our desire is to give generations to come the opportunity to live by God’s values and stewardship practices and to always treat every customer like a real person.

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them” Matthew 7:12

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