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December 2023 Special

The Best Holiday Drink for Your Gatherings

As the holiday season comes upon us, we will once again stress ourselves out by planning a few too many gatherings that are probably more...
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November 2023 Special

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October 2023 Special

natural cheese curds

The 9 Meticulous Steps to Making Cheese Curds

While the true origin of cheese curds is unclear, it's safe to say that they date back several centuries. Today, they have become a beloved...
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September 2023 Special

Yogurt Smoothie 9 oz. 506

Smoothies Shouldn’t be so Complicated

Smoothies are a very delicious summer treat. However, they aren't always made with the most healthy or natural ingredients. It can also be quite a...

The Perfect Fundraiser Option

How to Have a Successful Fundraiser Looking for a great way to get the fundraising started for your project, trip, or organization? We have the...
Product Catalog Post-5

Introducing Our Brand New Product Catalog

Hot off the press, we have brand new product catalogs! It provides a beautiful display of all our dairy products, as well as the meat...

The Farmer Takes a Wife… (Jason gets married)

Today, we're going to talk about one of our farmers. Jason Stoltzfus has been running his farm for many years, providing our creamery with much-needed...