Enjoy Fresh, All-natural, & Authentic Dairy Products!

Local Family Dairy & Creamery in Upstate NY

Minimal Pasteurization

No Homogenization

No Articifical Flavors or Fillers

“You will never find fresher products. Once you try their milk you'll never buy it elsewhere again.”

- A Satisfied Customer

Dairy & Meat Products for a Healthier You!

  • Fresh

    The milk from the cows goes straight from the dairy to the creamery - no middleman or extra storage time.

  • All-natural

    We only use natural flavors, fruits, and ingredients. No artificial flavors or sweeteners here!

  • Minimal Processing

    Our dairy products are minimally pasteurized & no homogenization to give you the best flavors & textures. 

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Click to watch how we produce our cheese, cup our yogurt, and bottle our milk at Stoltzfus Family Dairy.

“This has to be the best yogurt I have ever had! My stomach is smiling now. Thank you for the yogurt I will be sure to get some more at the next farmer's market.”

Are you concerned about the 'normal' dairy products you buy...

  • Not having the full nutritional value they should?
  • Lacking freshness and having added preservatives?
  • Containing artificial sweeteners and fillers?


At Stoltzfus Family Dairy, our passion is for everyone to experience the all-natural flavors and nutrition of dairy products made from fresh and all-natural ingredients with minimum processing. 

By controlling every part of the process - the dairy herds, pasteurization process, ingredients, bottling, cheese making, etc - we ensure fresher and healthier products.

Try one of our products today and taste the difference!

What You Can Expect With Stoltzfus Family Dairy

  • Maximum Freshness

    Know that every one of our products is as fresh and natural as possible.

  • Passion for Local Farms

    We are committed to helping small, local dairies thrive and grow.

  • Focus on Relationships

    Whether it’s with consumers or wholesalers, we focus on long-term relationships & unmatched customer service. 

“My husband bought my first cup of Stoltzfus yogurt by accident and I'm so glad he did because I won't eat anything else! I absolutely love it!”

Enjoy The Highest Quality Milk & Cheese Products Today!

At Stoltzfus Family Dairy, we know you want fresh, all-natural, and authentic dairy products.

But there’s a problem: numerous dairy products in our stores lack freshness, are over-processed ( to give longer shelf life), and are not all natural instead they are ultra-pasteurized and often contain filler ingredients, artificial flavors, and sweeteners.

All these “extra ingredients and processes” may leave you feeling concerned about what is going into your body and disappointed by the lack of authentic ingredients, flavors, and nutrition. 

Our passion is for everyone to be able to experience the all-natural flavors and nutrition of dairy products made from fresh and all-natural ingredients with minimum processing.