5 Healthy Foods to Start Your Year Well

Fireworks New Year's Eve

Happy New Year from Stoltzfus Family Dairy! We hope you find yourself doing well as we enter 2024. One of the most popular New Year’s resolution categories is health. Perhaps people ate a few too many snacks over the holiday season, or they felt they’ve been eating unhealthy all year. Either way, there are many people who will be making an attempt at eating healthier in the next several weeks.

However, eating healthy is not easy. Many “healthy” products taste like… well, they just don’t taste good. Some “healthy” products don’t seem to fill you up no matter how much you eat, leaving you craving unhealthy snacks all the more. Other “healthy” snacks are just not… healthy. They are filled with preservatives, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners, making it extremely confusing to know whether the product is any more healthy than last week’s “breakfast” of Pop-tarts and Lucky Charms.

At Stoltzfus Family Dairy, we go back to the basics of healthy food. We don’t believe in ingredient-dodging just so our products can pass as “sugar-free” or zero-calorie”. We strive for quality at the source, and the result is healthy food that your body can easily process and benefit from. We source the milk for our dairy products from small, local, family farms that take good care of their resources and animals. We don’t create the name of our flavors, then use artificial ingredients to manufacture the flavor; instead, the names of the flavors actually reflect what the ingredients are. We use real foods to make real products that are delicious and nutritious, because we believe that good nutrition is important. Below are five products that will help you get started on your healthy food journey in 2024.

1. Yogurt

Our yogurt is made with high-quality, fresh milk. We don’t use artificial preservatives, and our fruit-flavored yogurts have real fruit on the bottom mixed with a delicious homemade fruit filling.

raspberry yogurt v2

2. Grab-n-Go Latte

If you’re still feeling a bit tired from your New Year celebrations, this one will hit the spot! This is a delicious blend of Stoltzfus Family Dairy milk and high-quality coffee from Utica Coffee Roasting, making a delicious latte that will give you the energy you need to take on 2024!

latte 12 oz. v4

3. Snack Sticks

Stoltzfus Meats snack sticks are made with high-quality meats, and the variety of delicious flavors will ensure that they are enjoyable all year long! These snack sticks make a great snack anytime of the day, and they can even make a quick, delicious meal if you don’t have time to waste!

5 Healthy Foods to Start Your Year Well 1

4. Creamline Milk

This one may sound basic, but it’s very important! Most milk you buy is ultra-pasteurized and homogenized, which destroys much of milk’s natural nutrition. Stoltzfus Family Dairy creamline milk is minimally processed to keep all the valuable and much-needed nutrients. Having high-quality milk in your fridge will take you one step closer to a healthy lifestyle!

creamline milk

5. Cheese Curds

You know when you’re bored and hungry, so you go to the fridge to see what you can find to eat? Cheese curds are the perfect thing to keep stocked for when this happens! With ten different flavors, you can have a different flavor for every day of the week (plus some extra for the days that you get bored and hungry more than once)! Cheese curds also combine great with Stoltzfus Meats snack sticks!

sour cream and onion cheese curds

Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’re always working to make delicious products that are naturally healthy, so you can better accomplish your goals in 2024. Plus, right now it’s easier than ever to get started! For the month of January, all products in our dairy store will be 10% off! Now is the time to start eating healthier!