“All the Taste of A Bone-In Ham, Without the Bone”


That’s what Stoltzfus Meats has to say about their old-fashioned boneless smoked ham, and we would have a hard time disagreeing. Stoltzfus Meats does not cut corners with their products, and this one is no exception.

But what is the point of choosing a boneless ham, instead of bone-in? Why not just get the “real deal”, with a bone-in ham? Well, boneless ham is much easier and more enjoyable to eat. Instead of crunching into a bone every other bite, and trying to sort out what is edible meat and what is bone, you can enjoy every single bite. You can eat this boneless ham with confidence, knowing that every bite will be high-quality, delicious smoked meat.

"All the Taste of A Bone-In Ham, Without the Bone" 1

You see, it is high-quality. While many boneless hams lose quality during the processing, this boneless old-fashioned ham will not. This is because Stoltzfus Meats is relentlessly committed to quality. Their boneless hams are masterfully carved and trimmed. They never add artificial smoke flavorings; instead, the ham is slow-cured and naturally hickory hardwood smoked. They do not add any fillers or extenders. And, it’s MSG free!

This boneless ham will provide you with a convenient, high-quality, and delicious meal for your family, friends, and neighbors!