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Exciting Changes are Progressing: Hear the Latest Around Stoltzfus Dairy

Hurray! Our new freezer is finally in! After a year of waiting, we are ready to move forward with this project!

Let us give you a little tour going through this barn to where our new cold storage and freezer is being placed. We wanted to maintain the look of the old barn, so we are doing huge renovations to the inside! 

Going in through the overhead door where trucks load and unload, this is your view. 

As you walk in and turn the corner, this is what you see. This whole area will be cooler space. We are now ready for foam insulation in our cooler!

To the right is the door to our walk-in freezer.

Electrical work is being done this week and we are hoping to insulate next week.

This will be our distribution cold storage area where shipping and receiving will happen. This barn/cooler space is just across the driveway from the creamery production floor.

We are excited about these changes opening up more space in the creamery. Where our cooler was in the creamery before will now be turned into production floor, opening up our production floor for more equipment and needed space.

Our cooler packing, shipping, and receiving will all be done here when the project is completed.

 We will continue to keep you updated as the project progresses!

  • Feb 07, 2022
  • Category: News
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