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Meet Our Team Part 5 | Johnny, Renita, & Abigail

Blog post for today is part 5 of our Employee Introduction Series. Meet Johnny Stoltzfus! He is Assistant Creamery Manager and an important asset to our team at Stoltzfus Family Dairy.

Johnny often comes to work between five and six o' clock in the morning and stays until five or six in the evening. He pretty much knows all the operations that go on on the creamery floor and juggles his many responsibilities well.

Some of his specific responsibilities include overseeing inventory as well as keeping the warehouse and shipment supplies put away and organized. Johnny's work also includes details like washing our trucks once a week esp. in the winter time. 

Johnny is very workable and easy to get along with. He is a great supporter. Some other words to describe him might be strong, steady, sensible, and easy-going. These traits along with his dependability and thoroughness in whatever he does make him a huge blessing on the job.

Two of Johnny's sisters, Renita and Abigail, help out at the Creamery on yogurt packing days. Johnny, Renita, and Abigail are cousins to the rest of the team at Stoltzfus Family Dairy. We are so grateful for the contribution each of these individuals are to our team at Stoltzfus Family Dairy!


  • Jan 20, 2021
  • Category: News
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