Bringing Healthy Food Back Into Our Schools

Very Berry Yogurt

Over the years, the food offered in schools has been declining. Artificial, manufactured foods have taken over the market, taking the place of real healthy food. Not only does this make boring, bland meals for kids, but it also means that these kids may not be receiving the nutrition they need.

Stoltzfus Dairy Very Berry Yogurt with fruit

Did you know we have a food product for schools? Our Very Berry High Protein Yogurt is a healthy food choice that kids love. We specifically designed this yogurt with the right amount of sugar to conform to the standards of the school system. It is also made with real fruit, giving a delicious, fresh flavor that anyone will love, while keeping the nutrients that are essential to keeping kids healthy. The 4 ounce cups are the perfect one-serving size, allowing this yogurt to be consumed fast and conveniently without a mess. All of these characteristics combine to make a perfect food product for schools.

Stoltzfus Dairy yogurt

How do you get this product into your local school? Just contact us and we will see what we can do to get our Very Berry High Protein Yogurt into your school. Together, we can bring nutritious and delicious foods back into our schools, helping kids to have a more healthy and fun school experience.