Dill Pickle Snack Sticks

Sold by the pack. 7 sticks per pack. Made by Stoltzfus Meats

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These Snack Sticks are made with spices and lean beef or pork, depending on the flavor. All are great on-the-go snacks! The quality ingredients and amazing taste separate these snack sticks from the varieties you find at your local gas station.
  • No fillers
  • No MSG or additives
Choose among seven varieties of refrigerated snack sticks, including classic beef snack sticks and pork snack sticks. These portable, protein-packed snacks are hard to beat. Great for delivering amino acids after a workout or as a tidy, satisfying snack on a road trip. Stoltzfus Meats snack sticks are perfect for camping, backpacking, or anytime you want a convenient, low-carb snack.