Le Bleu Water

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From Le Bleu Water:

“Le Bleu is Fractional Vapor Compression Steam Distilled Water.  Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water is heated to over 212 degrees to make sure that no disease causing micro-organisms are in our water.

Recommended by doctors and nutritionists worldwide, Le Bleu’s taste is so great and it’s purity so refined, it would be inconceivable to add back inorganic mineral salts we work so hard to remove. Le Bleu has the ULTIMATE purification process, including Fractional Vapor Compression Distillation, to ensure consistent taste and purity.  No gimmicks and no inorganic additives, only 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen – PURE WATER!

Bottom line… Research your thirst. Compare Le Bleu’s taste and purity with any bottled water and you make the choice.”