Meet Our Team Part 4 | Gloria & Matt

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Today’s blog post is Employee Introduction Part 4! Today you get to meet Gloria and Matt. Gloria and Matt are siblings to each other and are cousins to some of the rest of the team at Stoltzfus Family Dairy. 

Employee Introductions-Gloria

Gloria is one of the four people who have been working at the creamery since day one, along with Jonas & Elsie and their son Vern. Gloria is cousins to Vern who is the CEO and salesman of Stoltzfus Family Dairy. 

As Gloria has been here from the start, she is a very vital part of what goes on here at the creamery. She has gone to various cheese classes with Vern and his wife Loma. Gloria and Vern have been cheese makers from day one, so their expertise has been what we needed to make our products great.

Gloria helps with the general packing and making of the other products such as yogurt and is one of the main people that helps cook our fruit for our yogurt.

Gloria has a very sweet personality and is dependable and steady. If there is work to do, you can count on Gloria to be there.

Employee Introductions-Matt

Matt is the creamery manager. He joined the team in the fall of 2015. In the spring of 2017 he took Vern’s place as creamery manager. He also bought into the business and became part owner this same year. Today he oversees the processing floor where we make all our products and its operations. 

What does a day in the creamery look like for a creamery manager? Well, on the days we make or process cheese, Matt is the first one on the job. This means that he will get to the creamery anywhere between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. . During this time, he gets the vats filled with milk and the cheese process started.

Because we also bottle milk and make yogurt, there are plenty of other tasks to fulfill as well. He may need to begin pasteurizing, work on yogurt incubation, start bottling milk, etc.

More workers arrive between 6 and 7 so Matt is the one who prepares to have work ready for them to do and thus gets the ball rolling every day. He makes sure everything runs smoothly for the packing personnel and for everyone else in the creamery as well. When the other workers come, Matt is working closely alongside with them throughout the day.

Matt is friendly, easy to get to know, jolly, and outgoing. 

We are so grateful to have such great team members to work with so that we can serve our customers excellently and things flow smoothly in the process.