Meet Our Team Part 7 | Andrea Stoltzfus


Good afternoon!

The introduction for this week’s blog is about yours truly! 😊

My name is Andrea and my job for Stoltzfus Family Dairy consists of all things designing, writing, creating, and marketing.

I joined the team in July of 2020. Vern says, “For a number of years, we were looking to bring our designing/marketing in-house and she was a huge asset of filling in that missing link to be able to synchronize our team together without going to a third party.”

My job could be described as keeping our online presence up to date, letting the world know what’s to love about Stoltzfus Family Dairy products 😊, telling our customers when we are running special promotions, and other things within the marketing realm. Vern also started up a Home Delivery branch of the business in Perry, New York, and product photography, pricing, order processing, customer communication, updating of the online store, marketing, etc. for that part of the business constitute a large percentage of my job.

The details of what I do often play themselves out as things like designing ads and specials, photography and videography as already mentioned, editing video footage and photos, coming up with and creating content for our blog and social media sites, communicating with customers who contact us via social media, typing up documents, etc.

I’d like to say that some other important aspects of my job are drinking coffee, taking a walk with a co-worker because an office-fried brain needs that, right!?  or chatting while working because her desk is right next to mine (and not everyone gets to work next to a childhood best friend or has a great boss who lets them take advantage of this 😊🙌), and enjoying the chatter of the boss’ children coming in and out of the office.

My co-workers would describe me as thorough and detailed with a great eye for design and a tremendous asset to the team.

Meet Our Team Part 7 | Andrea Stoltzfus 1