Meet Our Team Part 6 | the Burkholder Family


Today’s employee introduction post is of Andy Burkholder and his family! We are excited to introduce another one of the families on our team including another generation coming on that is a vital part of our team!

Andy’s wife Kathy is a daughter of Jonas and Elsie. Andy and Kathy and their family are the ones who have the fresh eggs and the fresh ground beef and butchered whole chickens at our store. Kathy and her girls do the phenomenal job of whipping up those fresh and delicious baked goods you buy at our dairy store as well.

Andy takes the role of distribution manager at Stoltzfus Family Dairy. He is on the road doing deliveries twice a week and is also the main guy who brings all the milk into our creamery from the dairy farm. Andy fills a lot of important roles at Stoltzfus Family Dairy as small maintenance jobs on the trucks and keeping the vehicles in shape also fall under his job description. We don’t know what we would do without Andy whose many vital roles he fills very well. His personality could be described as calm and steady and easy to get along.

Meet Our Team Part 6 | the Burkholder Family 1

Andy & Kathy’s oldest daughter Beverly helps three days a week in the creamery on the processing floor. She packages cheese and cups yogurt. Beverly has a sweet and fairly outgoing personality and you can always count on her to do a good job in her responsibilities.

Meet Our Team Part 6 | the Burkholder Family 2

Alex helps in the distribution part of the business, packing orders in the cooler. He also helps with some of the clean-up at the end of the day. Alex took on some of his Dad’s traits-steady and dependable, and very good to work with.

Meet Our Team Part 6 | the Burkholder Family 3

We are so grateful for the Burkholder family and the large part they play in the work that goes on around Stoltzfus Family Dairy.