Meet Our Team Part 9 | Lidiyana Voyku


 Today is the last but definitely not the least of our “Meet Our Team” series. Lidiyana Voyku joined our team in 2014. Her sister had worked with us from day one for nine years until she got married just a couple years ago. Their family is originally from Romania. They now live locally here and are good friends of ours. We are so thankful for all they have invested and continue to invest in our family business!

Meet Our Team Part 9 | Lidiyana Voyku 1

Lidiyana first focused mostly on the big job of labeling until we started getting pre-printed cups, which is most of what we use by this point. She is our main yogurt packer, running the fillers when they cup yogurt. She also spends a lot of her time doing prepacking and is in charge of shipping the online mail orders that come in. She is the right-hand girl who helps our where needed and is very capable of taking charge and filling in when other key employees are gone.

Lidiyana is an excellent worker who adds her own unique spice to the team. She has a very big heart and cares a lot about people. Thank you, Lidiyana, for the value you add to the workplace!