New Latte Creamline Flavors!

graphics for new latte creamline flavors

Our Creamline Milk has been a hit since it was first released, bringing our love of farm fresh milk to the world. Everyone who has gotten their hands on it has loved it as much as we do, and because of its success, we rolled out Chocolate Creamline Milk the next year. Unsurprisingly, the chocolate variation was another hit. Who doesn’t love naturally delicious chocolate milk?! This year we are bringing another fantastic flavor to you all! Mocha Latte and Latte flavored Creamline Milk!

This new flavor is part of a joint effort. We’ve teamed up with Utica Coffee Roasting Company to bring the delicious flavor of their Guatemalan coffee to our farm fresh Creamline Milk, and bring the drink of coffee lovers’ dreams to life. If you’re looking for milk with a farm fresh taste and the delectable kick of some of the best coffee you’ll ever find, our Latte and Mocha Latte Creamline Milks are just what you’re looking for. They are rich and hearty, with the same thick and delectable flavor and consistency as our other Creamline Milks—but, they’ve got the added benefit of Utica Coffee Roasting Company’s best beans. They know their beans as well as we know our dairy. Our milk is made through traditional practices with a minimal amount of processing. It is pasteurized just like most milk found on store shelves, but not homogenized.

These delicious new flavors will be available to try at our January 26th and 27th Open House and will be rolling out thereafter to locations near you. Utica Coffee Roasting Company will be carrying our delicious pairing at their Clinton and Utica locations as well. As is the case with all of our other products, give ‘em a call and make sure they’re carrying your favorite flavors.

Cheers to some great milk!