Now Available for Shipping All Over United States from Stoltzfus Dairy

shipping to all US

You heard it right! All of these delicious products are available through us to you. They can now be ordered here on our website and shipped to your home, anywhere in the United States, along with all of your favorite Stoltzfus Family Dairy Farmstead Cheeses and Cheese Curds.

The first product we will feature is the Stoltzfus Farmhouse Butter that is premium quality sweet cream butter churned in small batches with an 85% plus butterfat content. The high-quality milk for the cream comes from family farms in central New York that have all pledged to be rBST-free. The only ingredients are sweet cream, and if salted, a salt that comes from Watkins Glen NY. See our butter options available for purchase here.

In addition, you can get Stoltzfus Meats snack sticks and Jake’s Gouda cheese from us as well. Jake from Jake’s Gouda Cheese is also in the Stoltzfus family and runs his own farm and cheese business in Deansboro New York. Jake and his wife embarked on an adventure to bring pure goodness to Gouda cheese.

They began creating cheese in the Dutch tradition. With its roots in Holland, Jake’s cheese is made in Upstate New York. Jake goes through careful unique processes to get the five-star that you taste when you bite into his Gouda cheese.

Jake also provides an award-winning cheddar cheese from Cabot. He receives this cheese in a 40 lb cheddar block, then ages and or/smokes it, cuts, packages, and sells to provide this delicious cheese to his customers. 

You can read more about these cheeses and some of the processes in making them in their descriptions underneath each product as well as purchase them here

We are also proud to provide snack sticks from Stoltzfus Meats located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Stoltzfus Meats is a smaller outfit that goes above and beyond to ensure excellence in all of their products and processes! A lot of meat companies look for ways to save money, for example, by pumping products with water and pressing into a mold. Not Stoltzfus Meats!

At Stoltzfus Meats, they work hard to ensure that they don’t cut these corners which in the end is compromising on quality of product to their customers. Using the same proven recipes created by the founder of Stoltzfus Meats, Amos S. Stoltzfus, over sixty years ago, quality is always our goal. In being a smaller outfit, we don’t compromise to satisfy shareholder profits. We work only for the best, which is the reason why these snack sticks continue to be a customer favorite. See our snack sticks options available for purchase here

You won’t go wrong with any of these products, we provide them because they are some of the best.