Pepper Bacon

Sold by the pack approx. 1 lb. each made by Stoltzfus Meats

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This Premium Pepper Sliced Bacon from Stoltzfus Meats is made with the best methods. Hand-trimmed and hand-rubbed using butcher’s coarse ground pepper. Slow-cured and smoked to perfection. No fillers or extenders, gluten-free, MSG free. Sliced and vacuum-packed in approximately .75 lb packs.

We source our bacon and other meats from Stoltzfus Meats because they don’t cut corners when they make their products. They only ensure top quality in what they provide. Quoting Stoltzfus Meats, “A lot of meat companies look for ways to save money. For example, most commercial bacon is pumped with water, pressed into a mold, and lightly smoked. At Stoltzfus Meats, our bacon is dry-cured, hand trimmed with precision, and smoked to perfection using real hickory wood. As a smaller outfit, we don’t need to compromise on quality to satisfy shareholder profits. We use the same proven recipes crafted by our founder, Amos S. Stoltzfus, over sixty years ago.”

Stoltzfus Meats is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Again quoting Stoltzfus Meats, “Stoltzfus Meats continues to craft high-quality meats in the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. Guided by the tried-and-true recipes and standards of Amos, we create authentic and robust flavors loved by customers all over the world. We make everything fresh in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, from our facility located on the family farm.”

This bacon is perfect and delicious for your morning breakfast and also to use in any recipe that calls for bacon. Want some fantastic recipes to try? Try this Bacon & Caramelized Onion Baked Brie and the BLTT Sandwich.

If you try the Premium Pepper Bacon Sliced, you will only come back for more. You can’t go wrong tasting the other flavors either: Applewood Bacon Smoked and  Original Bacon Sliced.