More Exciting Changes Happening!


Some more exciting changes are happening around Stoltzfus Family Dairy!

We are making the most out of all of the space available at our Creamery! We are taking the old barn that is just fifty feet across the driveway from the Creamery and putting it to its full potential. ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember last fall we turned the upstairs into a warehouse space/shipping and receiving area? (photo below)

More Exciting Changes Happening! 1

Now we are working hard on transforming the downstairs of the barn into a large cold storage and distribution space. We are putting in a walk-in freezer as well to keep our frozen breaded curd and fresh frozen fruit inside of.

We missed photos of the very beginning stage, but here are some after some of the first changes were made. We still have a lot to do and will update you as the progress continues!

More Exciting Changes Happening! 2

Our goal in this is to separate the Creamery processing floor from the distribution area and put it into two separate buildings as this will provide more room for ongoing expansion in our processing area.

This means that the cooler that we are now using for distribution in the Creamery building will be turned into more area for the processing floor.

We plan to keep you updated as we go along.

More Exciting Changes Happening! 3

Note: This project is waiting for the walk-in freezer to be installed to continue. This freezer was supposed to be installed in June, but we just got updated last week that because of the shortage of foam due to COVID, this will not be able to be installed until August.