Smoothies Shouldn’t be so Complicated

Yogurt Smoothie 9 oz. 506

Smoothies are a very delicious summer treat. However, they aren’t always made with the most healthy or natural ingredients. It can also be quite a process to make a smoothie at home. You will need just the right ingredients and equipment to properly make a smoothie, and it takes precious time from your day.

Smoothies Shouldn't be so Complicated 1

We saw this, and thought: why couldn’t we make something that people could buy and easily consume when they want it? From this came our yogurt smoothie. We didn’t want you to sacrifice your health to drink our smoothies, but we also wanted them to be enjoyable; so we decided to use simple, natural ingredients. Our smoothies start with our natural, fresh, creamline milk. This milk is minimally pasteurized and non-homogenized, keeping in all the valuable nutrients of the milk and helping your body to more easily and properly digest the milk. We also use pure cane sugar as the sweetener, which is much more healthy than processed white sugar or other sugar alternatives. Our yogurt smoothies also contain a vanilla fruit filling made up of various fruits, giving our smoothies their delicious flavor.

Smoothies Shouldn't be so Complicated 2

Our Grab-n-Go Yogurt Smoothies come in a convenient bottle, allowing you to enjoy it at home, on the road, or wherever else you may go; giving you that much-needed fuel for your body when you need it. You won’t easily find a more convenient and delicious food than this yogurt smoothie! For the month of September only, visit our dairy store to receive a free Grab-n-Go Yogurt Smoothie, no purchase necessary! You can also buy our yogurt smoothies at our dairy store, at a retailer near you (see our store locator), or online. Enjoy!