The Best Holiday Drink for Your Gatherings

As the holiday season comes upon us, we will once again stress ourselves out by planning a few too many gatherings that are probably more work than they would need to be. We stress about the decorations, we stress about the food and drinks, and we stress about other things that aren’t really all that important. While some of this stress may be self-inflicted, it can definitely be argued that finding delicious, unique, and festive food and drinks for your holiday gatherings is challenging.

While we can’t fix all of your holiday-stress problems, we do have one holiday idea that may take a bit of stress out of the preparation: egg nog. This is a great drink to have at your holiday gatherings. It has an element of festive traditionalism, while also being versatile enough to mix it up with other ingredients to make your own unique concoction.

The Best Holiday Drink for Your Gatherings 1

However, the egg nog you find at stores may taste okay, but the container it comes in is certainly not going to match your holiday vibe. Most egg nogs come in a flashy, branded carton that looks terrible among your festive holiday food and decorations. You don’t want your dinner to look like it was hurriedly grabbed out of the cooler at the local grocery store and plopped on your table!

That’s where Hoover’s Dairy egg nog comes in. This egg nog is locally made in Sanborn, New York. It is pasteurized to ensure it’s safe, and bottled in authentic, glass bottles. This high-quality, glass-bottled egg nog will certainly fit well into your holiday gatherings with it’s authentic, homemade look. The best part is that you will know that you are supporting a small, local business. It’s a win-win!

The Best Holiday Drink for Your Gatherings 2

Visit our dairy store to purchase this authentic, glass-bottled egg nog for your holiday gatherings. Only available for a limited time!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a blessed holiday season!