This Bologna Has a Nice Ring to It

ring bologna

Classic bologna has been around for a long time. While it is very delicious, sometimes it can get a little old eating the same age-old cold meat snack. That’s why Stoltzfus Meats decided to shake things up a bit.

Stoltzfus Meats ring bologna isn’t just the normal bologna that you’re used to. This bologna is shaped in a long, tubular form, making it a much better size to slice up and eat a bite at a time, great for serving to a guest. When a person sees this bologna nicely cut up and neatly displayed on a dish, they will find it very hard to turn down. This simple change of shape makes eating bologna a much better experience.

However, that’s not the only bologna reforming that they have done. Stoltzfus Meats flavors its ring bologna with a delicate blend of delicious spices and herbs that perfectly complement the delicious flavor of its natural meat. The ring bologna is also smoked to enhance the flavor even more.

This intricate blend of flavors, combined with the unique shape of the bologna, makes this product, as Stoltzfus Meat’s says, “the best ring bologna on the East Coast.” If you like bologna, you will love this ring bologna from Stoltzfus Meats!