Welcome to Our New Salesman, Brent Nolt

Brent Nolt family

We’re excited to announce our new team member, Brent Nolt. He joined in February 2022 as our salesman, adding his natural talent in this area to the team, which has been an incredible asset to helping our customer service and our business become more effective.

Brent does well in searching out new locations and spreading the word about our product. He has added many new stores to our delivery route since he came on board in February. Get excited! Our products are likely becoming available at more and more locations closer to your home.

Brent Nolt salesman

Brent works with our designer to get new flyers, signs, hoodies, and advertising material to our wholesale customers, retail customers, and any current or potential Stoltzfus Dairy product fan. 🙂 His constant communication with our customers in meeting their needs and providing advertising content, etc. has provided quick service to get our products moving through their doors.

Brent is also our logistics manager which means he plans out the routes each week for delivering our product to retail stores. He works on efficiency by redoing these routes as needed and coordinating the many places our trucks stop. Brent occasionally takes care of a delivery route when we need a substitute driver.

Brent’s consistent communication with our customers and Stoltzfus Family Dairy team is continuing to help bring excellent customer service to our distribution, providing the greatest efficiency we can while making the process smooth and enjoyable for both the wholesale customer and our employees.

Brent will also take our market trailer out to many events in the summer where we hand out free sample products and get the opportunity to connect with many of you! Some of these events include anniversary sales, farm days, and other special events at many bulk food and grocery stores. You may also see Brent in smaller sampling events at various stores, allowing customers to try various of our products as they do their normal shopping.

Brent has been excellent in providing exceptional customer service, is easy to chat with, down to earth, and will go above and beyond to make working with Stoltzfus Family Dairy a pleasure for all of our customers. His enthusiasm and drive and thoroughness continue to make things happen and happen well in everything that is on his plate. We are super grateful and excited to have Brent on board the Stoltzfus Family Dairy team!