Where do We Source Our Milk?

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The identity of a company can be an important part of a customer feeling good about purchasing from that company. That’s why we at Stoltzfus Family Dairy have striven to establish ourselves, not just as a producer of great dairy products, but also as a company that cares about and maintains our values. We also care about you, our customer, and we make an effort to inform you of what happens in our company. That’s why we are starting a blog series about us; the people, places, and activities that make our company run.

Where do We Source Our Milk? 1
We will be starting this series at the source: the farms where we get our milk. We regularly get our milk from three family farms. These small family farms are all located within 10 miles of our creamery and have around 70 cows each.

Where do We Source Our Milk? 2

These cows have access to the outdoors year-round; offering them fresh air, exercise, and much-needed sunshine. We know that keeping our products fresh is important, so we bottle our milk as fresh as possible. Our milk is typically bottled the day after the milk was in the cow.
Farming is an important part of who we are, and we are glad to be able to source our milk from small, family-run farms that care about quality and freshness.