Whole Chicken

Sold by the bird approx. 4.5-5.5 lb per bird; only available on location at Stoltzfus Family Dairy

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These fresh free-range whole chickens from Hillside Meadows Farm are highly nutritious 4.5-5.5 lb birds. Free range chickens can run throughout the pasture and eat greens and forage freely. This makes happier and healthier chickens which in turn provides better-tasting meat.

Why a better tasting meat? Some would say this is due to lower cortisol levels which toughens up the meat or to more exercise which makes the texture juicier.

These chickens are also raised locally in Vernon Center, New York! Why buy local over your common grocery store? When you buy local, you know where your food is coming from and can trust the process taken to care for the birds and put only what’s healthy for you into the end product!

When you buy from your grocery store, you have to consider that your birds are coming from various vendors, warehouses, and distribution centers, most times from people and companies that you have no idea who they are or what they are putting into your chicken!

When you buy from local farms, you can be confidant that your chicken is less traveled, handled, processed, and injected as it says on snowdancefarm.com! Buying from Hillside Meadows Farm, you know where your chicken is coming all the way down to the first and last name of the farmer! Eat healthier, more fresh, and support local by buying from Hillside Meadows Farm!

We guarantee you will be satisfied with this high quality delicious tasting meat and if you feel different for any reason, we want to know! Let us know your feedback in the review section!