You Will Love This Healthy and Tasty Snack


We are privileged, along with our Stoltzfus Dairy products, to serve some of the best of healthy and delicious snack sticks you will find. These snack sticks are made by Stoltzfus Meats in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

They are all-beef product, containing none of the fillers that other companies put into their beef sticks. They are naturally smoked using hickory wood and have no artificial flavorings. They are also gluten-free and MSG free.

Because they are made with the perfect amount of water and pH level, they do not require refrigeration until opened.

Tasty and healthy, they make a perfect afternoon snack, addition to your lunch, or just an all-around great grab-no-go snack for whenever!

Get your own today and let us know what you think!

Beef Snak Sticks