Meet Our Team Part 1 | Vern Stoltzfus

graphics for meet our team series wrap-up

At Stoltzfus Family Dairy, we care deeply about our products and our customers. We love interacting with those of you who stop by at our creamery in Vernon Center, New York!

We understand that it is not possible for all of our customers to stop by on a regular basis, as some of you are from farther away, and because we love customer interaction, we want to give you the opportunity to better get to know our family and the faces behind Stoltzfus Family Dairy here on our blog!

We plan to do a series of posts introducing each of our owners and employees and giving you an inside scoop to their job descriptions and families!

We are starting off with an introduction to our CEO and salesman Vern Stoltzfus. Vern is one of the founders of Stoltzfus Family Dairy. He was the creamery manager for eight years, but as the business grew and he could no longer do it all, he delegated that responsibility to his cousin Matt Stoltzfus.

Vern at Work

Vern and with his wife Loma and two sons moved west of the creamery to Perry, New York about two years ago to branch into more of the western part of the state. Most of the time, Vern works from his office in Perry, New York, but also makes day trips to the creamery to interact with the team there and make sure things are flowing and functioning well for the team. Vern also makes trips to visit each of the stores throughout New York that carry our products.

Vern’s passion for and dedication to the quality of his products make so that nothing other than the best comes out of the creamery doors. Vern’s deep care for people makes him a blessing to the customers, employees, and many others he touches base with in a day’s time. Vern says, “You all that love our products are the ones who made Stoltzfus Family Dairy a success story because without you loving our products, we wouldn’t be here today.” Vern would love to hear from each one of you personally. Feel free to give him a call on his cell at 315-796-9264. As his wife says, “If you meet him, you won’t forget him!”.

Vern’s vision and enthusiasm for Stoltzfus Family Dairy make so that the business keeps thriving and growing.