Frozen Breaded Cheese Curds – for Deep Frying!

Sold by the pack approx. 1 lb per pack made by Stoltzfus Family Dairy

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If you are looking for more ways to enjoy cheese or are an enthusiast for fantastic farm fresh curds you’re in the right place! We’re cheese enthusiasts ourselves, so we’re always trying to find new and delicious ways to devour the squeaky goodness of our all-natural cheese curds. Our Breaded Cheese Curds are great for parties, watching the big game, or whenever you’re looking for a delicious and cheesy dish. Each container contains 1 pound of sublime, cheesy goodness.

If you don’t know what the curd squeak is, you’re missing out! When you bite into a fresh Stoltzfus Dairy cheese curd you are greeted with a friendly squeak and amazing flavor. Our Breaded Curds add another texture and even more flavor to the mix; poppable delicacies.

We use nothing but our family farm’s milk to produce the freshest cheese curds.

Frying Instructions: Heat oil to 375 degrees. Place frozen cheese curds into oil for 50 seconds. Take out and place on paper-towel to let drain and cool. Then enjoy!

Stoltzfus Family Dairy