Bring Joy to Your Gift-giving This Holiday Season

Christmas Bauble Red Ball

It’s December, which in my books means it is officially Christmas season! Christmas is always an enjoyable time, celebrating God’s love for us and sharing that love to others. One of the ways that we traditionally do this is by giving gifts to each other.

In fact, gift-giving has become a large part of the Christmas season. Every December, families and friend groups around the world get together to give each other gifts. Big or small, these gifts are a token of appreciation for each other, as well as a reminder of God’s greatest gift to us.

This gift-giving frenzy is, of course, a lot of fun, but for most of us, there comes a point where we have a problem. We just don’t know what gifts to buy. We look around in stores, we shop around online, but nothing seems to be a very good option. This may be because it’s too boring of a gift, or too expensive, or the person already has it, or the person won’t like it, etc. We spend a lot of time searching, to no avail, adding stress to what is supposed to be a fun activity.

While we can’t guarantee you’re going to find the perfect gift every time, we are doing what we can to help the holiday season be a more joyful time. That’s why we created gift boxes filled with delightful foods that almost everybody loves. These gift boxes were strategically created so that you will be sure to find one that the person you are buying for will love. Let’s give a rundown of the gift boxes we are offering for 2023.

1. Cheddary Gouda-ness

Bring Joy to Your Gift-giving This Holiday Season 1

If you are looking for a gift box with delicious, rich cheese flavor and high-quality bologna, this is the one for you. This box comes with a half-pound block of smoked cheddar and a half-pound block of sharp cheddar. It also includes two half-pound Gouda cheese wedges: baby Gouda and smoked Gouda. These cheeses are rich in flavor, perfect for a snack anytime. But that isn’t all that’s included. This gift box also includes a pack of Stoltzfus Meats Cheddar Cheese Ring Bologna and a 2 lb. wheel of our natural farmstead cheese, a perfect pair for snacking.

2. Holiday Snack Combo

Bring Joy to Your Gift-giving This Holiday Season 2

Not into the Gouda and Cheddar cheeses? Then this is a great alternative to the “Cheddary Goudaness” gift box. This gift box contains a 2 lb. wheel of natural farmstead cheese and a pack of Stoltzfus Meats Cheddar Cheese Ring Bologna. This is a nice, simple box for those not looking for a large variety of different flavors.

3. Farmstead Sampler

Bring Joy to Your Gift-giving This Holiday Season 3

This gift box contains a burst of flavors. Included is five flavors of our 3/4 lb. farmstead cheese wedges: Jalapeno, Natural, Tomato & Basil, Naturally Smoked, and Dill & Garlic. It also includes two flavors of Stoltzfus Meats Snack Sticks: Apple Maple and Sweet Bologna & Cheese. This gift box provides a great variety of flavors.

4. Yogurt Sampler

Bring Joy to Your Gift-giving This Holiday Season 4

That one person in your life that is seemingly obsessed with yogurt? This is the perfect gift box for them. This box contains twelve 6 oz. cups of yogurt, one of each of the flavors that we produce in that size: Vanilla, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, Black Cherry, Maple, Plain, and Pineapple-banana. Your yogurt-loving friend will be forever grateful.

Still didn’t find one that caught your eye? We have an additional selection of gift boxes, available online only.

I hope this helps you find a gift that your friends will love! We love these snacks, and we’re confident that your friends and family will too! We hope you have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!