Discover What Else You Can Do With Plain Yogurt

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Our Stoltzfus Family Dairy Plain Yogurt is delicious to eat all by itself, but there are even more uses for it than just that!

Today we’d like to share some of them with you! But first of all, how is our Plain Yogurt different than most other yogurts you can find in the store? Our plain yogurt has no sugars or flavorings added to it. That is why it’s such a great and useful product. So let’s get started!

  • Use as a substitute for sour cream

Plain yogurt is a healthier and more lean product than sour cream.

Example: Use Plain Yogurt for a vegetable dip instead of sour cream

  • Use for baking

Example: Use Plain Yogurt for Sugar Cookies instead of sour milk. It will keep your cookies moister!

  • Breakfast Parfaits

Example: Throw together Stoltzfus Family Dairy Plain Yogurt, granola, some fresh fruit, and if you’d like sweetener, add a little pure maple syrup for a healthy, great-tasting breakfast!

The list could go on. Share your favorite ways of eating Plain Yogurt on social media and tag us. We love to hear how our customers are enjoying our products!

Also be sure to find the store nearest you that carries our products, and grab a quart of our delicious Stoltzfus Family Dairy Plain Yogurt this week.  You will not be disappointed. 🙂

Plain Yogurt