Meet Our Team Part 2 | Bethany King

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Good afternoon! This is blog post #2 in a series of introductions of our managers and employees at Stoltzfus Family Dairy. Today you will meet our secretary Bethany King.

Bethany works her job as a secretary for Stoltzfus Family Dairy from the office in Perry, New York. If you call Stoltzfus Family Dairy, you will likely talk to Bethany. Her genuine way of communicating and interacting with people makes her very easy to talk to and her interactions with her customers are more than business transactions but rather relationships where she wants to do all she can to provide for what the customers need and care for them as a friend along the way.

Most of Bethany’s job descriptions fit under the “normal” secretary category, things like paying the bills, making invoices, and answering the phone. 🙂 Bethany also takes all of the orders that come in from the many stores that sell our products throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. These stores and distributors place their orders with Bethany on a weekly basis to re-stock their supply of Stoltzfus Family Dairy products.

Bethany has a very big servant heart and is constantly looking out for others. This shows itself in the way that she is patient with other’s shortcomings, remains calm under pressure, takes time to hang out with the children who stop by the office, and seems to so often be going that extra mile whether it’s for her customers or her co-workers. She also has a great sense of humor that brings a whole lot of lighthearted fun and laughter to each day in the office. 🙂