Ground Beef Hamburger Patties

Sold by the pack  (4-1/4 lb patties per pack); only available on location at Stoltzfus Family Dairy

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This ground beef sold by the pack (4-1/4 lb patties per pack) made by Hillside Meadows Farm is from pasture-raised Red Angus Beef Cows on a family farm! These cows are grass fed year round which means their feed is also none GMO.

These cows raised by a local farmer who put extra time and care into their result in beef that is better-tasting and healthier. Ground Beef in hamburger patties from the grocery store likely comes from industrial farms where they are fed unhealthy diets and injected with hormones and chemicals to fatten them up.

The beef in these hamburger patties is from grass-fed vs. grain-fed cows which is much higher in Vitamin A and Vitamin E and also tends to be richer in other antioxidants.

Another pro to buying hamburger patties with local raised beef is that it’s better for the economy! Purchasing locally allows farmers to stay in business and helps preserve the local economy. You will also be paying for good product vs. possibly putting your money towards the shipping process and storage of these products at commercial stores.

Beef in our hamburger patties you can trust is not saturated with extra fats, but is made with beef high in nutrients which in turn is very healthy for your body!

We always care utmost about natural healthy locally provided products from farmers we trust and again, are working hard to provide you with only the best in the market.

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