PA Dutch Scrapple

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Made using the Stoltzfus’ family recipe that’s been passed down for three generations. Small batch, kettle-cooked. No fillers, gluten-free.

Pennsylvania Scrapple is a product that was brought to the mid-Atlantic states of America by German immigrants many years ago.

This product comes from a German product called panhaas which was a meat pudding that had pork odds and ends mixed with spices such as sage and savory and also with buckwheat. When the product was made in America, cornmeal started being replaced with buckwheat in the recipe.

It is analogous to country pâté pan-fried. Typically Scrapple is sold in uncooked pound loaves to slice and fry! Try this Pennsylvania Dutch Scrapple and get a taste of a delicious unique German product!

And why is it even better from Stoltzfus MeatsStoltzfus Meats works only for excellence. They go above and beyond to ensure this in all their products and processes! A lot of meat companies look for ways to save money by pumping products with water, pressing into a mold, and lightly smoking.

At Stoltzfus Meats, we work hard to ensure we don’t cut these corners which in the end is comprising on quality of product to our customers. We take the time we need to use the processes that in the end provide top quality meats that you love, such as hand trimming and smoking to perfection.

Using the same proven recipes created by the founder of Stoltzfus Meats, Amos S. Stoltzfus, over sixty years ago, quality is always our goal. In being a smaller outfit, we don’t compromise on quality to satisfy shareholder profits. We only serve you the best.