Smoothies Shouldn’t be so Complicated

Smoothies Shouldn't be so Complicated 1

Smoothies are a very delicious summer treat. However, they aren’t always made with the most healthy or natural ingredients. It can also be quite a process to make a smoothie at home. You will need just the right ingredients and equipment to properly make a smoothie, and it takes precious time from your day. We…

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The Perfect Fundraiser Option

The Perfect Fundraiser Option 2

How to Have a Successful Fundraiser Looking for a great way to get the fundraising started for your project, trip, or organization? We have the perfect option for you! We are now offering fundraising options! We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a successful fundraiser. This starts with the creation…

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Introducing Our Brand New Product Catalog

Introducing Our Brand New Product Catalog 3

Hot off the press, we have brand new product catalogs! It provides a beautiful display of all our dairy products, as well as the meat and pretzel products that we carry. It also provides necessary retailer info like package sizes, case quantities, flavor options, and more. Our order forms are included in the back, allowing…

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The Farmer Takes a Wife… (Jason gets married)

The Farmer Takes a Wife... (Jason gets married) 4

Today, we’re going to talk about one of our farmers. Jason Stoltzfus has been running his farm for many years, providing our creamery with much-needed fresh, natural milk. His farm always looks neat and orderly, and the cows are clean and comfortable. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the years. This…

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Where do We Source Our Milk?

Where do We Source Our Milk? 5

The identity of a company can be an important part of a customer feeling good about purchasing from that company. That’s why we at Stoltzfus Family Dairy have striven to establish ourselves, not just as a producer of great dairy products, but also as a company that cares about and maintains our values. We also…

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What is the Best Way to Package Cheese Curds?

What is the Best Way to Package Cheese Curds? 8

While the packaging of a food product doesn’t change the flavor of the food itself, it can change the purchasing and eating experience. Knowing this, our team at Stoltzfus Family Dairy decided to head to the drawing board to reinvent our cheese curd packaging. After all, delicious, high-quality food deserves the best packaging possible. With…

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This Bologna Has a Nice Ring to It

ring bologna

Classic bologna has been around for a long time. While it is very delicious, sometimes it can get a little old eating the same age-old cold meat snack. That’s why Stoltzfus Meats decided to shake things up a bit. Stoltzfus Meats ring bologna isn’t just the normal bologna that you’re used to. This bologna is shaped in…

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Brand New Website is Now Live!

Brand New Website is Now Live! 9

In early April, we finally launched our brand-new website, and it’s looking great! Our new website features all of our products, giving you the info you need to get your hands on our delicious products while staying simple and easy to navigate. Our store locator has more stores than ever across the United States, so…

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You Thought All Bacon is the Same (It’s actually not)


This sizzling, tasty, popular American breakfast food has been around for a long time. Perhaps one of the most universally popular breakfast foods, bacon has established itself in the United States as a breakfast staple. But how could it not be popular? There’s no other food that can match the burst of meaty deliciousness that…

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