Creamline Chocolate Milk Half Gallon

Sold by the jug provided by Stoltzfus Family Dairy

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Nonhomogenized all-natural Creamline Chocolate Milk Half Gallon fresh from Stoltzfus Family Dairy.

Our Creamline Milk was a hit when we released it. Such a hit we decided to create Chocolate Creamline Milk! It’s been producing nothing but ear-to-ear smiles and we are sure your family is going to love this Creamline treat as well!

If you’re looking for milk with that farm-fresh taste, you’re looking for Creamline milk. Creamline milk is the most natural form of milk. Our milk is made through traditional practices with a minimal amount of processing. It is pasteurized just like most milk found on store shelves, but not homogenized.

Homogenization is the high-pressure process of breaking up fat in cream to such a small size they dissolve into the rest of the milk. Bypassing this process gives you the proverbial “cream line” at the top of each bottle. Studies have shown that non-homogenized milk can aid the body in better digestion and proper utilization of the proteins found in milk, resulting in healthier and more flavorful milk.

Creamline Chocolate Milk is a great source of nutrition and contains valuable nutrients. You will have no problems getting the young ones their daily nutrition! To enjoy our milk at its best, just give it a quick shake and pour. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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Non-Homogenized Whole Milk.