Peach Yogurt

  • 6 oz. container
  • 32 oz. container
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Being healthy doesn’t have to be a chore! Prunus persica, or peaches, contain vitamins A and C and are also a good source of fiber. Vitamin A is essential for vision and is required for maintaining healthy skin. Peaches also contain potassium which is essential for the proper functioning of your kidneys, heart, and digestive system. Be good to yourself, eat peaches.

And now you need to try our fruit on the bottom Peach Yogurt! Our yogurt is carefully made with a unique recipe that we crafted on our own, a recipe that our customers have loved for years. Most yogurts are made through a homogenization process that is not healthy for your body. As we made our own recipe, we worked until we found a way that we can make our yogurt without this homogenization process.

As most fruit recipes are made through unhealthy means of pasteurization as well, we had to work hard to come up with our own recipe that does not contain these artificial flavorings and preservatives. Our policy in creating our products is to make only all-natural products that are delicious and good for your body to eat.

Our fruit on the bottom yogurts have real fruit, in a homemade filling. We buy fresh frozen fruit and cook it in-house. The majority of the sugars in our yogurt is in a natural state. When you taste it, you will know what we mean when we say that it is fresh. High protein yogurt, a delicious flavor. As you can see, we don’t cut any corners. We are very excited to be able to offer our product made with no artificial flavoring or preservatives.

Who doesn’t love a good healthy yogurt!? In addition to eating it as a nutritious breakfast or for a boost in the middle of your day, our yogurts are perfect to be used in many recipes as well. Did you know that often you can substitute yogurt for sour cream when baking? Here is a delicious Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake recipe in which you can use our Stoltzfus Dairy yogurt, one of many recipes in which you can try this delicious substitution!

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You can’t miss out on this yogurt made just for you, only using the best methods and ingredients.

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