Sour Cream & Onion Farmstead Cheese Wheel

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Our Farmstead cheese craft follows strict artisan guidelines that have been mastered to produce the finest tasting hand-made cheeses. To be classified as farmstead cheese, the milk used to make the cheese must be sourced from the very herd located on the farm where production takes place. There are no exceptions to this rule as our milk comes right from our very own dairy cows. Here at Stoltzfus dairy we have been dairy farmers for generations, and have brought our knowledge and fine dairy together to make you great farmstead cheese.

This is one of our press cheeses. It’s a combination between a monterey jack and a cheddar. It’s a cheddar recipe with a montery jack texture. It’s very creamy, easy to slice, and easy to use. You can shred it, put it on your pizzatoasted cheese sandwiches, or whatever. Or simply cube it, eat it, and enjoy!

You will absolutely love our sour cream & onion farmstead cheese. An amazing amount of flavor packed into every wheel! We also have five other cheese wheel flavor options available: NaturalHorseradish & BaconDill & GarlicJalapeno, and Tomato & Basil. You won’t go wrong with any of these flavors of carefully crafted cheese wheels. Be sure to try each one and see which you like best!

You can enjoy this top-notch cheese by ordering it from our Stoltzfus Family Dairy website here and getting it shipped to your home! Also, to see what stores nearest you these products are located, search your zip code on our Store Locator here.

We can’t wait until you get your chance to try this incredibly textured and flavored and all around some of the best farmstead cheese wheels!

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