Tomato & Basil Cheese Curds

Sold by the pack approx. 8 oz. each made by Stoltzfus Family Dairy

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Fresh Tomato Basil Cheese Curds approx. 8 oz. package made by Stoltzfus Family Dairy

At Stoltzfus Family Dairy, we LOVE making cheese! And we love making fresh cheese curd! Our cheese curd making is done through a process of minimum pasteurization and also artisan ways of making cheese. We take our fresh milk, put it in the vat, and cook the cheese. Through steps of making, we achieve a fine, rich, juicy cheese curd for you to enjoy. We cook, we drain, stack, turn, restack, cut, salt, and stir, and then our fresh cheese curd is ready for you to enjoy!

We have ten different flavors of cheese curd: Natural, Garlic, Dill & Garlic, Horseradish, Horseradish & Bacon, Jalapeno, Sour Cream & Onion, Tomato & Basil, Buffalo Hot Wing, and Smoked Bacon. Our cheese curd makes an absolutely fresh and delicious snack for any time of the day. These cheese curds are the best you’ll find for making your favorite poutine as well! Here is a great poutine recipe that you can try! There are many other delicious ways to incorporate cheese curd into other recipes as well. Take your homemade pizza to the next level by adding cheese curds to the top! See here how that’s done. Or you can try adding them to your grilled cheese sandwiches, baking them in with casseroles you love, and other dinner plates.

But truly, you will never go wrong to grab a pack of your favorite cheese curds for a snack or for any other occasion! 🙂 And at Stoltzfus Family Dairy, we never cut corners. We always make it the BEST.

You can enjoy these fresh cheese curd by ordering them from our Stoltzfus Family Dairy website here and getting them shipped to your home! To see what stores nearest you these products are located, search your zip code on our Store Locator here.

We can’t wait until you get your chance to try these flavorful treats that you really don’t want to miss!

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