Fire Up The Grill With Stoltzfus Meats Smoked Grillers!

Fire Up The Grill With Stoltzfus Meats Smoked Grillers! 1

Fire up the grill! Grilling season is back. New to our product lineup is Stoltzfus Meats smoked grillers! These smoked grillers are perfect for a quick weeknight meal, or for gatherings with friends and family. These grillers are made from premium cuts of pork and beef, with no added fillers. Just a few minutes on…

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“All the Taste of A Bone-In Ham, Without the Bone”

"All the Taste of A Bone-In Ham, Without the Bone" 2

That’s what Stoltzfus Meats has to say about their old-fashioned boneless smoked ham, and we would have a hard time disagreeing. Stoltzfus Meats does not cut corners with their products, and this one is no exception. But what is the point of choosing a boneless ham, instead of bone-in? Why not just get the “real…

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Your Breakfast Just Got (Way) Better

Your Breakfast Just Got (Way) Better 3

Ever wake up in the morning and look in the refrigerator, only to find nothing appetizing or healthy anywhere in sight? Perhaps you then go to the cereal cupboard, and begrudgingly grab a box of sugary, who-knows-how-unhealthy cereal. You eat your cereal and head out the door, with your stomach feeling half empty and slightly…

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5 Healthy Foods to Start Your Year Well

5 Healthy Foods to Start Your Year Well 5

Happy New Year from Stoltzfus Family Dairy! We hope you find yourself doing well as we enter 2024. One of the most popular New Year’s resolution categories is health. Perhaps people ate a few too many snacks over the holiday season, or they felt they’ve been eating unhealthy all year. Either way, there are many…

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The 9 Meticulous Steps to Making Cheese Curds

While the true origin of cheese curds is unclear, it’s safe to say that they date back several centuries. Today, they have become a beloved snack, enjoyed for their squeaky texture and rich flavor. Let’s dive deeper into the roots of this cheesy delight and explore the process of making cheese curds. History of Cheese…

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Smoothies Shouldn’t be so Complicated

Smoothies Shouldn't be so Complicated 6

Smoothies are a very delicious summer treat. However, they aren’t always made with the most healthy or natural ingredients. It can also be quite a process to make a smoothie at home. You will need just the right ingredients and equipment to properly make a smoothie, and it takes precious time from your day. We…

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This Bologna Has a Nice Ring to It

ring bologna

Classic bologna has been around for a long time. While it is very delicious, sometimes it can get a little old eating the same age-old cold meat snack. That’s why Stoltzfus Meats decided to shake things up a bit. Stoltzfus Meats ring bologna isn’t just the normal bologna that you’re used to. This bologna is shaped in…

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