Updates from Stoltzfus Family Dairy

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Where do We Source Our Milk?

The identity of a company can be an important part of a customer feeling good about purchasing from that company. That's why we at Stoltzfus...
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July Special

store hours

Due to a family wedding in Missouri, the dairy store will be closed on Friday, June 30th and Saturday, July 1st.


4 oz. Very Berry Yogurt Out-of-stock Until School Season

Our 4 oz. Very Berry yogurt will be out of stock for this summer. We will bring it back at the start of the school...
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June 2023 Special

New Cheese Curd Packaging Graphic

What is the Best Way to Package Cheese Curds?

While the packaging of a food product doesn't change the flavor of the food itself, it can change the purchasing and eating experience. Knowing this,...
ring bologna

This Bologna Has a Nice Ring to It

Classic bologna has been around for a long time. While it is very delicious, sometimes it can get a little old eating the same age-old cold meat...
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May 2023 Specials

New Website

Brand New Website is Now Live!

In early April, we finally launched our brand-new website, and it's looking great! Our new website features all of our products, giving you the info...

You Thought All Bacon is the Same (It’s actually not)

This sizzling, tasty, popular American breakfast food has been around for a long time. Perhaps one of the most universally popular breakfast foods, bacon has...